The flexibility of Ghost means it’s possible to replace your themes' homepage with a published page from your site. You may want to do this so you can customise your homepage without using HTML, CSS, and Handlebars (Ghost’s templating language).

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use a page in your Ghost site as your homepage by editing a simple .ymal file.

  1. Go to your site's Ghost administration dashboard (for example
  2. Note the URL of the published page you want to set as the homepage
    1. Go to Pages
    2. Select the published page you want to set as the homepage
    3. Open the setting panel on the right
    4. Note the page URL
      Ghost page URL.png
  3. Select the settings cog (⚙️) towards the bottom left of the administration dashboard
  4. Navigate to Advanced >Labs
  5. Click Open then Download current routes
  6. Open the downloaded routes.yaml file in any text editor. It will look similar to:
        permalink: /{slug}/
        template: index
      tag: /tag/{slug}/
      author: /author/{slug}/
  7. Under routes:
  8. Add the following (note the indentenation as per collections above), replacing <PageURL> with the page URL you noted in step 2:
        template: page
        data: page.\<PageURL>
    For example:
        template: page
        data: page.home
  9. Back in your site's Ghost administration dashboard, click Upload routes file and select the routes.yaml file you've edited and saved
  10. Navigate to your sites domain name (for example and the page will be displayed.

How to set a page as your Ghost homepage